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Ordering is easy! And our large inventory means most of the time, paid orders are shipped in 7 - 10 days!
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For best results, your cast bullet selection (bullet style, alloy, lube type, GC or plain base) should be matched with your intended application (velocity, type of firearm, powder type, target shooting or hunting, etc). 
Please review the sections on each of the Bullet pages (Big Bore, Rifle and Pistol) for some general guidelines on how to select a bullet that's right for your application.

Please copy and paste the lines from the pricing pages to your email.
Other than that, we just need to know ...

Quantity  of bullets you're ordering
Sizing requirement - diameter range is given for each bullet on the price list; choose the diameter you know works best in your gun within the range given
Lube choice - Smokeless or Black powder
Make and model of gun you intend to use (look in FAQ's for the reason)
Intended use of the bullets - hunting, practice loads, long range, short range - the more information you give us, the better we can help

Your name, shipping address and phone number
Payment preferences - Would you like to send a check/money order? (*)
Additional insurance option (**) - Add insurance or leave it off the order?

Mailing address for money orders, checks, or correspondence:

Bruce & Victoria Richardson
Montana Bullet Works
PO Box 1109
Bonner, MT 59823


Exact shipping/handling charges will be quoted to you at the time you order, but keep in mind, we can get several boxes/pounds of bullets in one flat rate box through the post office for only $8.00 or $15.00, depending on the size of box needed for the order.

And because it's shipped via Priority mail, you'll likely receive your
order within 2 or 3 business days of us shipping it.


       (**) We guarantee the condition of bullets leaving our shop, but cannot guarantee

            how the containers will be handled once they leave our sight and will not replace

             orders damaged because of mishandling during shipment. Therefore, we now offer the

             insurance that is available through the post office. Fees are based on the value of the

             contents of the container being shipped and are as follows:

               Fee . . . . . . . . . . Insurance Coverage
               Included ............... $0.01 to $50
               $2.75 .................... $50.01 to $100
               $3.50 .................... $100.01 to $200
               $4.60 .................... $200.01 to $300
               $5.80 .................... $300.01 to $400
               $7.00 .................... $400.01 to $500
               $9.45 .....................$500.01 to $600


           NOTE: All orders valued over $100 are required to have insurance.
 If you choose not to insure your order, the risk of shipping damage or lost orders will not be our responsibility. We will not replace or refund the order.


Our large inventory means most of the time, we can ship your order within a few business
days of receiving payment. Your only wait is for the order to be sized and lubed to your specifications.


Thank You!

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