Black Label Target


Our family has used these targets for over 20 years. Very high visibility, printed on high quality paper with space for load info and other data.

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This BLACK Label target:

  • is printed on 8.5″  X  11″ paper stock, 25 to a pack
  • has three 1.5″ diamond shaped aiming points with 3/4″ centers intended for “varmint” rifles with 18X – 24X scopes @ 100 yards/meters
  • within each small white center is a 1/4” diamond surrounding a .200″ circle which may be used as a “double-check” for the target’s center or to “halo” a dot reticle
  • there is a 1.00″ circle superimposed and centered 11/4” above the center of the diamond that is provided for the varmint hunter to “sight-in” slightly high @ 100 yards/meters or for group” testing so the shooter does not “shoot-out” the target’s point of aim while at the range
  • recommended for 20X and 24X scopes @ 100yards/meters and 36X to 45X @ 200 yards/meters 

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8.5" X 11"