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"I just wanted to commend you on making such fine bullets. Been shooting them a while but just now got around to chronographing some of your 350gr., 500 S&W LGC bullets. Shot them out of my Handi-Rifle at 2173 fps. No leading at all and the bore was very clean after many of them. I'll be ordering more."

Ben White, Paris Texas


" I really enjoy shooting the bullets I ordered from you previously - the 280 grain LFN-GC (0.432") in my .444 Marlin is an incredibly accurate bullet in my XLR and I should be getting a Lee Factory Crimp Die soon, which will correct the overall cartridge length issue that I am experiencing right now. The 240 grain WFN-GC (0.432") shot pretty well for me in my Marlin 1894, but I think the profile was giving me some issues on feeding. That is why I would like to try the NEI #252 this time. The drawing of that bullet in the NEI website looks like it has a bit more of a radius, which should address the feeding issue.  The WFN-GC performed wonderfully on a nice, fat, dry, whitetail doe this past season. I was even able to recover the bullet from a pine stump (about 12" of penetration into that) that was behind her. Pretty impressive, to say the least!
Thanks for making such a great product."

Darcey Baker, Montana


"Just wanted to let you know that the .41/220 WFN gas checked bullets I got from you a couple of weeks ago are shootin' totally OUTSTANDING!!!! This is the best shootin' lead bullet I've ever sent down the range. And do they ever hit HARD!!!! I think you should rename them the 'sledgehammer'. Thanks, Dave."

Paul Box, Sedalia, Missouri


"Just a note to say thanks for the bullets and speedy shipment. These bullets are everything I'd ever hope for. The quality of your casting and sizing is outstanding! and the bullet design seems to be perfectly suited for my purposes. I could not be happier about your product and your service. I will double my order next time (soon). Thanks again."


Happy Customer,  White Mountain Lake, Arizona              



"The quality and consistency of Montana Bullet Works products is superior to any of the other brands I have used, and that quality comes at an amazingly low price. Top it off with Dave and Marcie Jennings' excellent support and service, and I look no further for all my cast bullet needs."

                                   ~~~ Glenn Kaisler, North Lake, Wisconsin ~~~


"Dave and Marcie; I started at 47.0 grains of H322 and went up in half grain increments to 50.0 grains. Every group I shot was very uniform, and the largest group was .900! These are the two best.  I should have two very good hunting loads…one light, and one heavy…Now that I have an idea of your bullets capabilities in my rifle, I will start increasing distances (next out to 50 yards) and get some serious load development in the works………..I am guessing that the 50 grain load is pushing your bullets at over 2000 fps, and, I experienced no leading what-so-ever!!! As a competitive benchrest shooter for a good part of my life, I understand that the “bullet” is the foundation of accuracy. Without a good bullet, all the load development in the world will not get you that “one hole group”…As you can see, with your bullets, I am well on my way to attaining that! Thanks again for a great product, and excellent customer service!!!"

George Robertson
St. Louis, Mo.


"Hello once again Dave and Marcie,


I need to place another order for some different bullets. I have been using your bullets for quite a number of years now. I have taken deer, hogs and black bear with a bunch of different caliber bullets. I started using your paper patch bullets when I bought my Shiloh Sharps. I also used your grease grooved bullets for a number of years also. I got into the S&W 500 Mag in 2003, and have been using your bullets in it, and many game have fallen to your bullets. I took my first black bear with a handgun using your 370 gr. hard cast bullet for the 500 mag, one shot was all it took, your bullet performed flawlessly. I used the same bullet on a few deer and a hog. I have used your bullets in my 44 Mag, 45 Colt, 460 S&W Mag 500 Mag and Marlin Guide gun 45-70 with your 405 gr. hard cast gas check bullet, in which I took a nice black bear in Ontario Canada last year.
 I am adding new handguns to my collection, and I am still using your bullets because of the great accuracy they provide me, as well as the outstanding performance I get from them. I just received 500 of your .512 bullets for my new 510 GNR. I found a load very quickly that is extremely accurate and decided to use my 510 GNR on my up coming black bear hunt to Maine. And once again, I will be using your fine bullets.
My next gun coming is a 410 GNR, I will be placing my order for your bullets once again, because of their proven performance. I always recommend Montana Bullet Works to anyone that is looking for cast bullets.
I feel confident in recommending your bullet, because I can give actual in the field experience, and nothing speaks louder than actual results and my trophy room that is filled with game taken using your bullets.
I just want to thank you for making such a fine bullet."
~~ Alex Garcia, Magnolia, Delaware ~~ 


"I had ordered a Shiloh Sharps Long Range Express and patiently waited 4 1/2 years to get it. Then the task of developing a load that was accurate began. The best I could do was just "acceptable" and for a year I shot the gun thinking the level of accuracy just isn't there. I was disappointed to say the least. This is  "lead" only gun and I searched the Internet for advice. I was scorned in a BPCR forum by many people for shooting smokeless, but that was my choice. I stumbled onto Montana Bullet Works in a search for bullets. Dave Jennings gave me advice and encouragement about shooting my rifle. I ordered an assortment of bullets in the heavier weights. On my first outing my shooting scores went way up. A little tuning of the load now has my rifle shooting 1 1/2 to 2 MOA five shot groups at 200 yards. Dave Jennings makes the finest bullets that can be bought for your guns. His quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Taking one of his bullets and comparing them to others will show you the difference before you shoot them. Weighing his bullets is a waste of time. Read the box, that is what they weigh. Dave Jennings and Montana Bullet Works is "mail order accuracy". "

 Dave Shows, Beaumont, Texas 



"Dave and Marcie,


A couple of years ago, I purchased a Shiloh 50-90 to go along with my 45-70.  Since that time, I became involved in testing different load combinations in order to find an accurate, powerful load for hunting big game.

After trying six different bullets from three companies, two brands of powder in three different granulations, and 4 primers, I finally settled on your 700 grain NEI 378B bullet.  Since I do not cast bullets myself, I quickly found that quality 50 caliber bullets were hard to come by.  Several companies offer 50 caliber bullets for sale, but only one weighs and sorts the bullets to less than one grain variation in a box of 50-and that is Montana Bullet Works.  In a 700 grain bullet, keeping the variation to less than a grain means you are producing a quality, consistent bullet. 

I found that heavier bullets shot better in my Shiloh.  Using your 700 grain bullet, I developed a load that shoots 1.2 moa out to 300 yards (the furthest I have shot so far, as this is a hunting load) and chrono's 1255 fps with a sd of 7 fps.  The 1.2 moa is an average from over 100 groups at ranges from 100 to 300 yards.  To do this in a BPCR takes quality bullets with no flaws to eliminate flyers.

I felt so confident using your bullets, it was the load I choose to take to Africa in April and May of 2008.  I took six animals, Kudu, Gemsbuck, Blue Wildebeast, Blesbuck, Impala, and Springbuck.  I knew the load was accurate and powerful, but I did not know how it would perform on game.

4 of my 6 animals were one shot kills.  All 6 were taken cleanly and within a few yards of where the first shot impacted.  With one exception, the bullets penetrated each animal fully; complete penetration at any angle.  Penetration ranged from about 14" on the Springbuck, to about 36" on the Kudu.

The only bullet that did not fully penetrate was from a one shot kill on my Blue Wildebeast.  Taken at 207 yards, the slug broke the onside shoulder, shattered the spine, broke the offside shoulder, and lodged under the hide on the offside.  Fragments of bone from the spine destroyed the top of the lungs.   The PH's were impressed with the one shot kill and the damage caused by the big slug. Penetration was about 20", of which about 9" was pure bone.  I was glad I was using the big 50 and 700 grains of bullet after I saw the shot placement; I do not think a lesser bullet would have penetrated as far or caused as much damage.  The recovered bullet, after destroying that much bone, expanded to .68" on the nose, yet still penetrated.

I will not use another brand or style of bullet in my 50.  For faster twist 50 caliber rifles, I think the 700 grain Montana Bullet works slug is the way to go."

Manny Perrien
Salinas, CA.


"Dave, just received my order for the 65grain #420 gas checked bullets. There are without a doubt the best looking cast bullets I have ever received. Can't wait for it to stop raining, I've loaded 50 rounds for test firing. Just hope my 94 Marlin will keep them on the same piece of paper. Previous bullets ordered looked like the gas checks were beaten on with a ballpeen hammer. You leave other suppliers in the dust. Thank you."

~~ Tom Dixon, Salem, Missouri ~~ 


"Hey, Dave, I ordered some bullets awhile ago. I just got around to doing some testing with them. I Always look at bullets with a critical eye. So far I can find no faults in your bullets. I ordered the 45caliber LBT WFN-300-GC with a nose to crimp-groove length of .360", sized to .454". I got exactly what I ordered. Most satisfying was that I checked 10 for weight. Of them, 6 weighed the same and the other 4 were less than 1/2-grain off weight with none under weight. That is unheard of consistency! The bullets are shooting as expected. I'll be buying from you for a long time. Many thanks."

~~ Tim Griffin, Charlottesville, VA ~~  


"I just received my order of bullets last week and tried them out today. They are the best bullets that I have ever used in my Freedom Arms 32 H&R Mag. They are even more accurate than any of the jacketed bullets that I have used. One half inch groups at 25 yards are now the standard your bullets have set. Thank You very much, you are great."

~~ Lance Pecetti, Reno, Nevada ~~ 


"Hey Dave, just wanted to let you know the 370 gr. LFNGC's we ordered worked like a charm. I killed a 150 lb. sow at 80 yds with my Handi-rifle last Saturday. I shot her through the front shoulders and it planted her on the spot. The 45 cal. 325 WLN also shot great out of my Bisley. (Park Hiter made the order; he also killed a hog with the 375 gr. WLNGC out of his 475 Linebaugh.) We will be ordering more bullets in the future. THANKS for a great bullet at a reasonable price."

~~ John Stallings, Cleveland Mississippi ~~ 


"Montana Bullet Works does excellent work. Dave and Marcie Jennings provide 1st rate customer service and their bullets' accuracy is second to none in my revolvers. If they don't offer the bullet you are looking for, give Dave a call, and he will do his best to get that special projectile. If Great Service and Great Products are what you seek, shop no farther. "

                                                                                 ~ Rick Bishop, Sheridan, Wyoming ~  


"Montana Bullet Works makes a great product. I was looking for a specific bullet and Dave & Marcie stepped up to the plate and not only got the mould and made excellent bullets ... they shipped them to me promptly! Good product, good service...hard to find in today's world. I highly recommend them."

                                             ~ Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch, Oregon ~


(You can read first hand how Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch in Oregon uses some of our 44 Mag bullets. Get the May, 2006, copy of Guns magazine and turn to page 26. His article is titled "Brick Slingers". Or pickup the September, 2006, issue and turn to his article titled "Heavy Metal".)


"I no longer waste my time, trying to cast my own bullets.

      Most of the bullets I made had to be thrown back in the pot. Now,

          I call you up, tell you what I want, and you ship them out

                 right away. No more frustration for me!"

                                                                                  - Jim, Billings, Montana -


"Dave, I would like to thank you for making such great bullets. I had been looking for a caster that made true Veral Smith LBT bullets, hand cast and at a fair price. These bullets have been the most accurate in my Ruger Bisley 45 Long Colt to date.

Thanks again for a great product."

                                                                    ~ Bud Strauss, Tucson, Arizona ~


“Dave, I've been telling everyone how great your bullets are. A great product

     at a reasonable price; these are the only bullets I'll use from now on!”

                   – John, Bozeman, Montana -


"Your bullets are without question the very best.

I can depend on them being top quality right out of the box every time."    

                    ~ Tom Burns, Bowman, North Dakota ~     


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