Big Bore Bullets

General Rules on How to Select a Big Bore Rifle Bullet

No one can tell you which bullet your particular gun will like, not even us. You’ll have to try some different ones and experiment. But to get you started in the right direction, here are some general rules on how to select a big bore rifle bullet.

We are frequently asked from Big Bore rifle shooters which bullets are the best ones for hunting big game.

First, you have to understand that large caliber, cast bullets kill differently than the typical jacketed bullets driven at high speeds. Jacketed bullets destroy animal tissue by a combination of penetration, expansion and hydrostatic forces. Cast bullets kill by penetration, period. Except for the pure lead, paper patched bullets, do not expect any expansion from cast bullets, especially at the more sedate velocities they are shot at. A large bore cast bullet will penetrate several feet of animal tissue. I personally aim for the front shoulders to intentionally break major bones and penetrate vital organs. You will rarely recover a cast bullet from any big game animal, regardless of the shot angle.

Preferences go to any FN design. The RN, SP, and BPS designs will only punch a caliber sized hole and little more, unless bones are struck.

You get a better gas seal and better accuracy with a big bore bullet sized to .001″ over the groove diameter.

If cartridge OAL is a concern, then use the nose to crimp lengths posted below + your case length to determine if the cartridge OAL will fit your application.

Loading data – We don’t provide loading data but sources we highly recommend include LoadData.com (by Wolfe Publishing), which provides accurate, reliable, tested data online.  We also use Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, as well as the Lee and Accurate Arms manuals.  Another book we use and recommend on learning more about shooting cast bullets is Veral Smith’s “Jacketed Performance With Cast Bullets”.

More information can be found by reading our FAQTwist Tables and Loading PPB pages.

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