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10mm, LBT 200gr, WFN-PB


Pistol bullets are sold in quantities of 100 & 500/box.

From a customer–we couldn’t have said it any better: At first they wouldn’t feed in my glock 20 with KKM barrel. Additionally, the wide metplat rubs the side of the magazine when you stuff 12 or so in there at SAAMI length. After some experimentation, I found they function flawlessly at about 1.22-1.23” overall  length. Of course this is slightly deeper than recommended for the 10mm, but working up from a starting load slowly gave me no issues. Brinn

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MBW heat treated, BHN 22

Diameter Range

.400", .401", .402"

Bullet Weight (gr)



10mm / 40


500/Box, 100/Box



Nose to Crimp



LBT Blue Smokeless